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flarcreate help.

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Operating Systems Solaris flarcreate help.
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Old 07-07-2009
flarcreate help.

Hi, I have to clone a system and i would like to use flarcreate. My question is regarding excluding some NFS mounts and some directories under /. If somebody have done this earlier please advice on the following procedure.

Create a file like /exclude_list and put the following lines in it


then give the command

#flarcreate -n prod01 -R / -X /exclude_list /data_tmp/prod1-20090707.flar

where nfs1 and nfs2 are nfs mounts
/tmp is the tmp filesystem
/u10 is a filesystem
/data_tmp is the filesystem which has enough space to hold the flar file.

Any help is appreciated.
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Old 07-08-2009
Looks okay to me, the "-R /" is the default so does not need to be specified, I always do a "-e description" as well, I think excluding /tmp is built into the flarcreate command, but what you have specified should be okay. What version of Solaris are you using because the flarcreate(1m) manpage for Solaris 9 does not mention the -X parameter for instance?
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