Hard/Transfer errors in disks

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Operating Systems Solaris Hard/Transfer errors in disks
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Hard/Transfer errors in disks

Could you please explain us what are these transport/hard errors...

when i ran the following command,

iostat -E | grep Errors

i got the following:

sd240    Soft Errors: 37 Hard Errors: 1144 Transport Errors: 0
sd578    Soft Errors: 0 Hard Errors: 890 Transport Errors: 0

Please tell me what does these mean and what has to be done.
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As dukenuke2 said in the other thread, your disks look like they are going to break soon. In the iostat o/p check for predictive failure analysis #. If it's 1, time to replace these; even if not 1, I would get your hardware vendor to take a look at these disks....
# 3  
Thank you for the response. when i checked the predictive failure analysis number for those disks, the number is "0".

please tell me what has to be done in this case.

Also please explain me what does these mean:
1. Hard errors
2. Transfer errors
3. Predictive Failure analysis
# 4  

Take a look at this site for explanations (thank google!): Iostat -E, whats that all about? - The dot in ... --- ...

Basically, whenever I see >10 hard errors on any disk in my environment, I check with our hardware support vendor, and usually have the disks replaced. If not right-away, it is a matter of time before these disks die on you.

Soft errors = recoverable errors, related to SCSI protocol I think
Hard errors = non-recoverable errors
Transport errors = bad cabling or controller on disk

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hope you have a good backup, in case your disks are not mirrored
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Thank you frozentin, the info was helpful
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