Problem in Sending Arabic message in Unix

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Operating Systems Solaris Problem in Sending Arabic message in Unix
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Old 05-21-2009
Problem in Sending Arabic message in Unix

I have developed an application in java which sends arabic as well as english messages(SMS). First I deployed the same on windows machine and it sends the messages in both the languages. Due to some performance issue thought of migrating to UNIX. On the unix testing machine, when i tested it out, my java application is able to send messages in both the languages. But when I tested the application on the UNIX production machine, it does not send the message in arabic language, instead the end user is receiving the text in the form of question marks like "?????". Both the machines have got same locales and using SUN SOLARIS also. I have been trying for months to resolve this problem. As i dont know much about UNIX, I thoguht of seeking help so that someone could really help me out.
Thanks in advance,
Jacob K
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Old 05-21-2009
Check that Middle East & North africa language support packages are installed.

to do that, execute:

# pkginfo |grep -i middle
# pkginfo | grep -i north

The response should be like this:

# pkginfo |grep -i middle
system      SUNWmeadt      Middle East CDE Support
system      SUNWmeaos      Middle East OS Support
system      SUNWmeaow      Middle East OW Support
system      SUNWmeaox      Middle East 64-bit OS Support
# pkginfo | grep -i north
system      SUNWnafdt      Northern Africa CDE Support
system      SUNWnafos      Northern Africa OS Support
system      SUNWnafow      Northern Africa OW Support
system      SUNWnafox      Northern Africa 64-bit OS Support

These are the packages that should exist in your Solaris OS. Your application should use them.
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Old 05-21-2009
Thanks for the help. I tried out the command as you have written. In both the machines(Testing and production), it does not give any result. So in this case this would not be the issue right? If the command what you have given, had worked on the testing machine(which send arabic messages), we could have arrived at the conclusion that the packages what you have mentioned should be installed. Hope I am not wrong and you have understood it. Please do reply.
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Old 05-21-2009
That's pretty strange, I thought these packages were necessary for Arabic Language support.

Do you login using GUI ?

if so, then in the login prompt, before you enter your username, there's a button called "Options" on it and then click on "Languages".

make sure you selected "C POSIX " (and if those language support packages are installed, you can see them below, but anyhow you have to select "C POSIX"
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Old 05-21-2009
I use putty so as to login to UNIX, not any GUI. When I checked the locale's of the both the machines also, "C" and "Posix" are installed as you have suggested. That also does not solve the problem. Any more suggestions?
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Old 05-21-2009
nothing that I know of, no.

I faced that problem earlier, but after installing those packages, it worked. Sorry, no idea.
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