formating and repartitioning an external hard drives

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formating and repartitioning an external hard drives

Version: solaris 10 x86
I just got a western digital external harddrive formated with fat 32. this drive came with some setup files which is meant for windows or mac.

I want to reformat and partition this drive into two ( for solaris and windows) such that the setup files will still be there for windows.

pls can you advice
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Backup files that need to be preserved, create solaris and windows partitions using fdisk in solaris or any other partitioner, then copy files back to windows partition.
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formating and repartitioning an external hard drives

Hi there

Had the pleasure of doing this; see attached document.

I also get into problems when I modify vfstab file; create a typo mistake and causes me issues...

Otherwise, it shows the steps involved. Hope this helps...
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