Service Mode on XSCF

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Service Mode on XSCF

While entering to service mode on XSCF i getting following error

XSCF> service
Account is not enabled for service mode.

What could be the reason for this ?
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Set the mode switch on the operator panel to the Service mode on the system first.
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your user needs service permissions. have a look at the command help in xscf. should be something like "setuserperm"...
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i believe accessing this, you will need to contact sun as its a rotating password.
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Originally Posted by pupp
i believe accessing this, you will need to contact sun as its a rotating password.
right... you need a case to generate a password. this is valid for 24 hours?! i think...
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Originally Posted by DukeNuke2
right... you need a case to generate a password. this is valid for 24 hours?! i think...
+1 exactly

log a case with SUN, and they will follow up with you
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