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( VxVM ) How to add the removed disk back to previous disk group

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Old 04-18-2009
waibabe waibabe is offline
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( VxVM ) How to add the removed disk back to previous disk group

Previously , i remove the disk by

#vxdg -g testdg -k rmdisk testdg02

But i got error when i -k adddisk

bash-2.03# vxdisk list
c0t0d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
c0t1d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
c4t129d0s2 auto:cdsdisk - - online
c4t129d1s2 auto:cdsdisk testdg01 testdg online
- - testdg02 testdg removed was:c4t129d0s2

bash-2.03# vxdg -g testdg -k adddisk testdg02=c4t129d0

VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2349 Device c4t129d0s2 appears to be owned by disk group testdg.
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Old 04-18-2009
incredible incredible is offline Forum Advisor  
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plug in the new disk.
devfsadm -C
make sure format can see the added disk
vxdctl enable
use vxdiskadm ---> option 4 to confirm that the disk was removed.
----option 5, to attach the new disk to the disk group
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