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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris Zones
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Old 04-07-2009
Java Solaris Zones

Hi Every,

I would like to know some questions on Zones???

1.what are types of zones we can install in global zone???
2.Exact difference between sparce root and whole root???
3.can we change the ip address of a running zone??? to find our in which zone we are running and how many zones are running to list the zones that already exist in a system??

Thanks in advance.
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Old 04-08-2009
please read the zone documentation from sun. all questions are answered there. get the docs at:

System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones - Sun Microsystems
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Old 04-08-2009
1.what are types of zones we can install in global zone???

There are two type of zone which can be installed into the global zone and they are whole root zone and sparse root zone
2.Exact difference between sparce root and whole root???

In case of sparse root zone there are limited file system which are installed apart from that there are other which are inherited from global zone where in you do not have write access. In case of whole zone it do not share solaris file system with global zone. Means all the OS file systems are local in case of whole root.

In case of sparce zone the non –global zone share the file system with global zone. Only the basic file systems which are required is installed in the non global zone and rest file system is shared form global zone
3.can we change the ip address of a running zone???

If you want to assign a new ip to any interface you have to take it down. to find our in which zone we are running and how many zones are running

You will only able to list the entire zone from global zone. To find which zone you are , you can use hostname. to list the zones that already exist in a system??
# zoneadm list –cv ( from global zone )

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Old 04-08-2009
Thanks a lot kumar
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Old 04-09-2009
I'm not supporting people doing other people's homework especially when no sign of personal effort is shown.

Moreover, Kumarmani's answers are partially incomplete/incorrect,

1: There are different types of whole root zones.
2: You can have read-only filesystems on whole root zones too. Sparse zones specificity is more about packages handling.
3: The answer is both off topic and incorrect
4: Partly incorrect, hostname doesn't tell you in which zone you are.
5: Correct.
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Old 04-09-2009
Hi jlliagre , I never thought this I am doing some ones home work. Also I am going through this topics so my idea was to get validate my understanding on given questions.

Can you please help on 3 and 4th question?
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Old 04-09-2009
No problem.

You can change any of the IP addresses of a running zone from the global one without taking it down or whatever. This is certainly not recommended as it would break ongoing TCP/IP communication from/to that zone using that IP address and might confuse the zone too.

The command "zonename", not "hostname" will tell you what zone you are in.

Finally, you didn't asked but branded and native zones a certainly different types of zones that can be installed on the global one.

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