Solaris 8 - Asks for current root password when trying to change root password.

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 8 - Asks for current root password when trying to change root password.
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Solaris 8 - Asks for current root password when trying to change root password.

Hello All,
I have several solaris boxes running Solaris 8. When changing root passwords on them, all will simply ask for the new root password to change and of course to re-type the new password. One of the systems however asks for the existing root password before it will display the new password prompt for root.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

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what is the output of "who am i" on this system?
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Output examples

Hi DukeNuke2,
Thanks for your reply. Here is some additional info including the output of who am i.

Thanks for any assistance or ideas.

SunOS hostname 5.8 Generic_117350-46 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80

# who am i
root       pts/1        Apr  7 10:01    (###.###.###.##)
# id
uid=0(root) gid=100(users)
# passwd
passwd: Changing password for root
passwd: Sorry, wrong passwd
Permission denied

Example of trying to change password of normal user
# passwd joe
passwd: Sorry, wrong passwd
Permission denied

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is this host member in a nis or ldap domain?
# 5  
no, it is not a member of nis or ldap.......standalone

/etc/nsswitch.conf all set to files
# 6  
have you rebooted the server? checked all filesystems/permissions (special /var/tmp)? how do you login (ssh/telnet/console)? have you run "pwconv"?
there are so many possibilities... it's hard to do this remote...
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Root apparently being in group 100 (users) is a concern.
Did you "su - root" or become root by some other means?

Please post the following, and post any errors if your root account gives and error:

# Permissions of root directory
ls -ald /

# Permissions of /etc
ls -lad /etc

# Permissions of password file itself
ls -lad /etc/passwd

# Location of passwd command
type passwd

# Permissions of passwd command
ls -lad <answer from above>

# Root entry from /etc/passwd
grep \^root: /etc/passwd

# Results of password file checking program

# Results of group file checking program

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