Solstice 6.0.3 - Recover: Cannot Start Session

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Operating Systems Solaris Solstice 6.0.3 - Recover: Cannot Start Session
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Old 03-04-2009
Solstice 6.0.3 - Recover: Cannot Start Session

Hi people,
I have a Solstice Backup 6.0.3 installed in server X1 and one installed in server X2.
I need to start de recover in X2 and the somes files existing in X1.
- Well, i begin this process in X2 with
#nwadmin -s X1 &
and i select "Save Set/ Recover". I select the datas and click in button Recover.
- The next step is click "Options" and select "Overwrite ...." and "Start". When i start the Restore i receive de message:

Save Set Recover started: 03/04/09 16:38:53
recover: Cannot start session with server X1: Authentication error
Save Set Recover ended: 03/04/09 16:39:08

Help me please....
Tank you.

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