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How to get process start date and time in SOLARIS?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to get process start date and time in SOLARIS?
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How to get process start date and time in SOLARIS?

how can I get the process start date and time?

using ps command i can get the timstamp for a process, which are started today. and only date (MMM DD) for others.

i need to get both for all the running process.

please help.

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What does prstat get?
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Just playing around, this seems to work:
# pid=495
# perl -e '@d=localtime ((stat(shift))[9]); printf "%4d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d\n", $d[5]+1900,$d[4]+1,$d[3],$d[2],$d[1],$d[0]' /proc/$pid

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That perl snippet only helps if incorporated at the time something starts. If you are looking back at what is currently running on the system, then ps only gives HH:MM:SS for processes started in the last 24 hours. Processes started prior to that get month and day of the month only.

I haven't actually tried this, but there are some scripts listed on the opensolaris site that are tailored for Solaris 10 or for Solaris 9 that collect diagnostics for running processes, including stime. They might do what you want:

Live System Data Gathering at
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Originally Posted by choogendyk
That perl snippet only helps if incorporated at the time something starts.
May I inquire as to what tests you performed to reach that conclusion?

I tested it extensively before I posted. It correctly reported the start time of any running process, including some that have been running for months.
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My apologies. My view of the posting truncated the long line. Going back to look at it again, I see that it works.

Interesting that you could also do `ls -l /proc | grep $pid`, but you wouldn't get the seconds -- only the hour and minutes.

So, now the OP has 3 different solutions to choose from. ;-)
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Here is an alternative solution if you have stat installed:

stat -c %y /proc/$pid

$ stat -c %y /proc/$$
2009-02-23 20:21:24.608143611 -0700

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