Sharing DVD Drive in LDoms Environment

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Operating Systems Solaris Sharing DVD Drive in LDoms Environment
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Old 02-13-2009
Sharing DVD Drive in LDoms Environment

I have T5220 server with DVD drive. I have installed few logical domains in the server and wonder how they can share the DVD drive. I have not seen any mention of that in Sun documentation.
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Old 02-15-2009
read the section on vdc (virtual disk client) from here
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Old 02-16-2009
insert cd

cdrw -l

ldm add-vdsdev options=ro /dev/dsk/c*t*d*s2 cdrom@primary-vds0

ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx
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Old 02-16-2009
Thanks incredible for the document and thanks taran for the procedure. In the document it says that "A future release will provide virtualized access to DVD/CD-ROM in service domains"; but I guess the procedure provided by taran is for LDoms 1.1; please confirm.

When inserting a DVD, I am getting an error repeatedly says "/usr/sbin/vold[3031]: vol_init: already a daemon running" and then "svc.startd[7]: system/filesystem/volfs:default failed repeatedly: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)"! Not sure if this is related to LDoms or not.

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Old 02-17-2009
yes for LDOM 1.1

reject dvd

check volfs online
`svcs volfs`

if volfs online then

vi /etc/vold.conf

comment out the line starting with the
following words

use cdrom drive....

svcadm refresh volfs
svcadm restart volfs

insert dvd

cdrw -l

ldm add-vdsdev options=ro /dev/dsk/c*t*d*s2 cdrom@primary-vds0

ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx
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Old 02-17-2009
Thanks taran! I do not have the lines that start with "svcadm" but commented the one that starts with "use cdrom drive", and have not seen the error after that. Can you elaborate on why this resolves the issue? I do not seem to find related information on Sun doc.

One more question about the last two commands for LDoms, does that mean that cannot share the same drive with more than one guest domain? If I want to use the same drive for different guest domains, I have to remove it from a domain (using ldm remove-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx) and add it to another (ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 yyyy)?

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Old 02-18-2009
man vold.conf

commands not line in the file

svcadm refresh volfs
svcadm restart volfs


ldm add-vdsdev options=ro /dev/dsk/c*t*d*s2 cdrom@primary-vds0

ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx
ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx2
ldm add-vdisk cdrom cdrom@primary-vds0 xxxx3

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