How to Avoid Patch Problems When Moving a Local Zone?

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How to Avoid Patch Problems When Moving a Local Zone?

This tech tip provides tips for dealing with package and patch-level issues when moving a local zone from one host to another for the Oracle Solaris 10 OS.

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1. Solaris

Force patch install on non global zone

All, I am trying to install the patch 148689-02. However, this patch fails to install due to the non global zone does not have the required patch 147143-17. I have tried to login to the non global zone and install it manually. "patchadd 147143-17" however, this returns a message stating its for... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: jpolachak
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2. Solaris

New ZFS FS not seen on local zone

Hi , I added a new fs to the global zone and also did the zonecfg to add the FS to the zone but finally I do not see the new "FS" on the local zone. Even in th e/etc/zones/zone.xml the fs and the correct directory is mentioned. Any Idea please ? (4 Replies)
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3. Solaris

Cannot locate patch to install (on a non-global zone)

Hello Solaris experts, I would like to inquire of the error I'm encountering when using patchadd on a non-global zone. bash-3.00# patchadd 148625-01 Validating patches... Loading patches installed on the system... Done! Loading patches requested to install. Cannot locate 148625-01... (1 Reply)
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4. Solaris

SIGPWR on local zone

Can anyone explain how you can get a SIGPWR signal on a Solaris 10 local zone, but none of the other zones on the frame had a problem. :confused: (1 Reply)
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5. Solaris

Applying Recommended Patch Cluster to Whole Root Zone

Hi there, Apologies if this question has been asked and answered already but I've not been able to find the thread. Question: Is it possible to apply the Solaris 10 Recommended Patch Cluster to a whole root (non-global) zone locally? I.E. apply the patch cluster from the non-global in... (3 Replies)
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6. Solaris

Covert Global zone to local zone

Dears, I would like to convert solaris 10 x86 and solaris 10 sparc (Global Zones) physical servers into Local zones. i found a document which seems to be helpful but i'm stuck @ the 1st step. to test this i want to do it 1st on x86 system running under vmware ESXi and if it succeeds i will... (1 Reply)
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7. Solaris

Is any patch availabe for zone cloning?

Hello Guruz, I am unable see the zone cloning option in zoneadm command, I guess the option if not available with the current OS release (Solaris 10 1/06). Could some one let me know if there any specific patch is available for the same?. My zoneadm o/p as follows. Zoneadm usage: ... (18 Replies)
Discussion started by: bullz26
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8. Solaris

Global zone name from local zone

How to check the global zone name from local zone. (6 Replies)
Discussion started by: fugitive
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9. Solaris

Not able to ping global zone from local zone

Hi Gurus I am not able to ping the local zone from global zone when i am trying to ping i am getting below ICMP Host Unreachable from gateway zone ( for icmp from zone ( to sun1 ( However i can ping local zone from global please... (12 Replies)
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