Step-by-Step guide to Install OpenSolaris with Automated Installer (2009.06)

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Step-by-Step guide to Install OpenSolaris with Automated Installer (2009.06)

A complete Step-by-Step guide to Install OpenSolaris using the Automated Installer, which covers the whole process of setting up a AI server, booting PXE client, installing local package and executing a Jumpstart type finish script at first boot.The process is demonstrated using Vitrualbox, so that it can be tried out by anyone.

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PCIC(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   PCIC(4)

pcic -- PC Card bridge driver SYNOPSIS
device pcic device pccard DESCRIPTION
The pcic driver provides support for older ISA and non-Yenta PCI PC Card bridges. The pcic driver supports most ExCA devices attached to the ISA bus or PCI devices that do not conform to the Yenta specification. The following ISA devices, or true clones, are supported in the current code. Intel i82365SL Step A Intel i82365SL Step B Intel i82365SL Step C Intel's original 16-bit PC Card controller. Intel i82365SL-DF Intel's last version of this device. 3.3V support was added. VLSI 82C146 An older VLSI part with some issues on some machines. Cirrus Logic PD-6710 Cirrus Logic PD-6720 Cirrus Logic PD-6722 Cirrus Logic's pcic controller. Compatible with the i82365SL Step C with the addition of a different 3.3V control. Ricoh RF5C296 Ricoh RF5C396 Ricoh's PC Card bridge chips. These are compatible with the i82365SL Step C, but with yet another different 3.3V con- trol. Vadem 365 Vadem 465 Compatible with i82365SL Step C. Vadem 468 Vadem 469 Like the earlier Vadem models, but with Vadem's own, incompatible, 3.3V control system. IBM PCIC IBM clone of the original i82365SL part, with its own ID register value. Has no 3.3V ability. Many other vendors made parts in this arena, but most of them were compatible with one of the above chipsets. The following PCI pcmcia bridges are supported: Cirrus Logic PD6729 Cirrus Logic PD6730 O2micro OZ6729 O2micro OZ6730 BUGS
This does not work at all at the moment. BSD
July 9, 2002 BSD

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