Thread Synchronization in Java

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Thread Synchronization in Java

This article discuss about java Thread Synchronization. with Practical example.When multiple threads are accessing a common method through their run methods, the output of that particular program is unpredictable, because while one thread is gone half way through the common method, another thread would gain the common method.

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THREAD(3)								 1								 THREAD(3)

The Thread class

When the start method of a Thread is invoked, the run method code will be executed in separate Thread, asynchronously. After the run method is executed the Thread will exit immediately, it will be joined with the creating Thread at the appropriate time. Warning Relying on the engine to determine when a Thread should join may cause undesirable behaviour; the programmer should be explicit, where possible. CLASS SYNOPSIS
Thread Threadextends ThreadedCountableTraversableArrayAccess Methods o public void Thread::detach (void ) o public integer Thread::getCreatorId (void ) o publicstatic Thread Thread::getCurrentThread (void ) o publicstatic integer Thread::getCurrentThreadId (void ) o public integer Thread::getThreadId (void ) o publicstatic mixed Thread::globally (void ) o public boolean Thread::isJoined (void ) o public boolean Thread::isStarted (void ) o public boolean Thread::join (void ) o public void Thread::kill (void ) o public boolean Thread::start ([integer $options]) Inherited methods o public array Threaded::chunk (integer $size, boolean $preserve) o public integer Threaded::count (void ) o public bool Threaded::extend (string $class) o public Threaded Threaded::from (Closure $run, [Closure $construct], [array $args]) o public array Threaded::getTerminationInfo (void ) o public boolean Threaded::isRunning (void ) o public boolean Threaded::isTerminated (void ) o public boolean Threaded::isWaiting (void ) o public boolean Threaded::lock (void ) o public boolean Threaded::merge (mixed $from, [bool $overwrite]) o public boolean Threaded::notify (void ) o public boolean Threaded::pop (void ) o public void Threaded::run (void ) o public mixed Threaded::shift (void ) o public mixed Threaded::synchronized (Closure $block, [mixed $...]) o public boolean Threaded::unlock (void ) o public boolean Threaded::wait ([integer $timeout]) PHP Documentation Group THREAD(3)

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