Genmenu 1.0.8 (Stable branch)

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Genmenu 1.0.8 (Stable branch)

ImageGenmenu can generate menus for Blackbox, Fluxbox, Openbox, Window Maker, and Enlightenment based on the program binaries found installed on a system. The list of programs to search for are contained within the script. Users can, to a limited degree, customize their menus via a set of interactive questions. License: GNU General Public License (GPL)Changes:
Enlightenment 0.16 support has been added. icedove has been added to mail. Pidgin has been added to messaging. KMix and VLC have been added to multimedia. Audacity has been added to music. QCad has been added to graphics.Image


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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #992
Difficulty: Medium
OpenSolaris and its derivatives are the only SVR4 descendants that are not open-source software.
True or False?
tk_menuBar(1T)						       Tk Built-In Commands						    tk_menuBar(1T)


tk_menuBar, tk_bindForTraversal - Obsolete support for menu bars SYNOPSIS
tk_menuBar frame ?menu menu ...? tk_bindForTraversal arg arg ... _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
These procedures were used in Tk 3.6 and earlier releases to help manage pulldown menus and to implement keyboard traversal of menus. In Tk 4.0 and later releases they are no longer needed. Stubs for these procedures have been retained for backward compatibility, but they have no effect. You should remove calls to these procedures from your code, since eventually the procedures will go away. From Tk 8.0 onwards, you should instead construct your menubar as a normal menu and then attach it to the toplevel of your choice using the -menu option of that widget. SEE ALSO
menu(1T), toplevel(1T) KEYWORDS
keyboard traversal, menu, menu bar, post ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +--------------------+-----------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Availability | SUNWTk | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Interface Stability | Uncommitted | +--------------------+-----------------+ NOTES
Source for Tk is available on Tk tk_menuBar(1T)

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