Genmenu 1.0.8 (Stable branch)

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Genmenu 1.0.8 (Stable branch)

ImageGenmenu can generate menus for Blackbox, Fluxbox, Openbox, Window Maker, and Enlightenment based on the program binaries found installed on a system. The list of programs to search for are contained within the script. Users can, to a limited degree, customize their menus via a set of interactive questions. License: GNU General Public License (GPL)Changes:
Enlightenment 0.16 support has been added. icedove has been added to mail. Pidgin has been added to messaging. KMix and VLC have been added to multimedia. Audacity has been added to music. QCad has been added to graphics.Image


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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #918
Difficulty: Medium
Unix time is a single signed number which increments every millisecond.
True or False?
obm-moz(1)							 Openbox Pipe Menu							obm-moz(1)

obm-moz - a pipe-menu for openbox SYNTAX
obm-moz [options] DESCRIPTION
Obm-moz is a pipe menu for openbox. It translates any mozilla-compatible bookmarks into an openbox menu. If no arguments are given, it'll try to find your bookmarks. A bookmarks folder can be passed as an argument, it'll try to find it and build the menu out of that folder. More information about pipe-menus can be found on OPTIONS
-h, --help Show this help message and exit -f, --firefox Look for Firefox bookmarks -b FILENAME, --bookmarks=FILENAME Specify the path to the bookmarks.html file -r ROOT, --root=ROOT Root folder of the bookmarks -n BROWSER, --navigator=BROWSER Command to run the web browser. EXAMPLES
obm-moz -b "/path/to/bookmarks.html" -r "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" AUTHORS
obm-dir was written by Manuel Colmenero <> as part of obmenu. This manual page was originally written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Davide Truffa <>. SEE ALSO
obmenu(1), obm-dir(1), obm-nav(1), obm-xdg(1), openbox(1) Davide Truffa 1.0 obm-moz(1)

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