Mac's PHP MVC Framework 0.7.5 (Default branch)

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Mac's PHP MVC Framework 0.7.5 (Default branch)

Mac's PHP MVC Framework is a PHP5+ rapid application development (RAD) MVC framework with a built-in templating engine. It comes with a lot of built-in SEO/SEF capabilities. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Changes:
This release fixes some minor bugs with the CSS in the documentation. It also includes three new functional enhancements: page level caching, the ability to maintain form state after submission, and the ability to maintain scroll position after submission. Image


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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #867
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apache_child_terminate - Terminate apache process after this request

bool apache_child_terminate (void ) DESCRIPTION
apache_child_terminate(3) will register the Apache process executing the current PHP request for termination once execution of PHP code is completed. It may be used to terminate a process after a script with high memory consumption has been run as memory will usually only be freed internally but not given back to the operating system. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE if PHP is running as an Apache 1 module, the Apache version is non-multithreaded, and the child_terminate PHP directive is enabled (disabled by default). If these conditions are not met, FALSE is returned and an error of level E_WARNING is generated. CHANGELOG
+--------+---------------------------------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ | 5.4.0 | | | | | | | This function became available under FastCGI. | | | Previously, it was supported only when PHP was | | | installed as an Apache module. | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ NOTES
Note This function is not implemented on Windows platforms. SEE ALSO
exit(3). PHP Documentation Group APACHE_CHILD_TERMINATE(3)

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