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uni2ascii 4.10 (Default branch)

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uni2ascii 4.10 (Default branch)

Imageuni2ascii and ascii2uni convert between UTF-8Unicode and 29 7-bit ASCII equivalents including:hexadecimal and decimal HTML and SGML numericcharacter references, \u-escapes, standardhexadecimal, raw hexadecimal, and RFC2396 URIformat. Such ASCII equivalents are useful forentering Unicode in program source or in programsthat are not 8-bit safe, and for testing anddebugging. Several options allow Unicode to beconverted to approximately equivalent ASCII, stripping diacritics. An optional GUI isprovided.License: GNU General Public License v3Changes:
This release fixes a bug that made the Y argument to the -a flag of ascii2uni a no-op, and corrects the man pages and help for the Y and Q arguments to the -a flag for both programs. The Y argument is now an error for uni2ascii. The version information and action summaries are more informative.Image



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