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UvumiTools Dropdown Menu 1.0.0 (Default branch)

UvumiTools Dropdown Menu is a cross-browser, fully degradable, unobtrusive dropdown menu plugin. It is very easy to use and simply adds features and functionality to existing HTML on your site. It turns a basic unordered list into a very nice and sturdy animated horizontal drop- down menu.Image

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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #29
Difficulty: Medium
Computer hard disks were first introduced in 1956.
True or False?
sysman(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 sysman(8)

sysman - Front end command used to invoke several SysMan services SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/sysman -menu /usr/sbin/sysman -station /usr/sbin/sysman -cli /usr/sbin/sysman -clone /usr/sbin/sysman -help OPTIONS
Launches the SysMan Menu (sysman_menu(8)). Launches the SysMan Station (sysman_station(8)). Command line interface for manipulating sys- tem management data (sysman_cli(8)). Saves and replicates SysMan configuration information for installation cloning (sysman_clone(8)). Cloning is not supported in a cluster environment. Displays help on the sysman command. DESCRIPTION
The sysman command provides a common interface for invoking several SysMan services: A menu driven, task oriented system management tool. SysMan Menu and its associated tasks can run on a character cell terminal, an X Windows display, from a PC, or from a Web browser. A graphical interface for monitoring and managing a single or cluster system. The SysMan Menu and its specific tasks can be launched from the SysMan Station. Provides a generic command line interface to the System Management (SysMan) data. Saves certain SysMan configuration information from a previously configured system and replicate that configuration information across one or more clients. For more information on a specific command, please refer to the specific reference page. For the SysMan Menu and the SysMan Station, you also can refer to the online help. SEE ALSO
Commands: sysman_menu(8), sysman_station(8), sysman_cli(8), sysman_clone(8) System Administration sysman(8)

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