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Radiance 3.9 (Stable branch)

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Radiance 3.9 (Stable branch)

Radiance is a set of tools which provide an advanced lightingsimulation software package. It allows very detailed definition ofmaterials' and light sources' properties through the use of advancedtechniques like brdf and ies files, as well as a powerful mathematicalscripting language, resulting in accurate renderings of scenes whichare usually imported from CAD and 3D modelers. It uses the hybridapproach of Monte Carlo and deterministic ray tracing to achieve areasonably accurate result in a reasonable time.License: Free To Use But RestrictedChanges:
Memory requirements for octree were reduced by a factor of 8. Byte-swapping input and output was added to rcalc along with extra error checking for source surfaces, a -spec option in falsecolor to restore the original spectral color scale, the ability to incorporate BSDF data in calculations, and support for persistent rendering and for cumulative calculations. Ray weights were corrected for material mixtures. Bugs in the shadow cache were fixed. Pixel alignment was fixed in pcomb for size reduction and enlargement.Linux

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