Key Scripter 1.4 (Default branch)

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Key Scripter 1.4 (Default branch)

Key Scripter listens to key press/release events from a keyboard or a mouse and sends fake key events to an X display. It supports gaming keypads such as the Nostromo SpeedPad and allows the creation and usage of complicated key scripts for games and other applications. License: GNU General Public License v3 Changes:
This release contains a couple of minor bugfixes and an improved example configuration. The development status of Key Scripter is now stable.Image

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Net::Jabber::Key(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     Net::Jabber::Key(3pm)

Net::Jabber::Key - Jabber Key Library SYNOPSIS
Net::Jabber::Key is a module that provides a developer easy access to generating, caching, and comparing keys. DESCRIPTION is a helper module for the Net::Jabber::Transport. When the Transport talks to a Client it sends a key and expects to get that key back from the Client. This module provides an API to generate, cache, and then compare the key send from the Client. Basic Functions $Key = new Net::Jabber::Key(); $key = $Key->Generate(); $key = $Key->Create(""); $test = $Key->Compare("","some key"); METHODS
Basic Functions new(debug=>string, - creates the Key object. debug should debugfh=>FileHandle, be set to the path for the debug debuglevel=>integer) log to be written. If set to "stdout" then the debug will go there. Also, you can specify a filehandle that already exists and use that. debuglevel controls the amount of debug. 0 is none, 1 is normal, 2 is all. Generate() - returns a key in Digest SHA1 form based on the current time and the PID. Create(cacheString) - generates a key and caches it with the key of cacheString. Create returns the key. Compare(cacheString, - compares the key stored in the cache under keyString) cacheString with the keyString. Returns 1 if they match, and 0 otherwise. AUTHOR
By Ryan Eatmon in May of 2000 for COPYRIGHT
This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2013-03-25 Net::Jabber::Key(3pm)

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