Range Software 1.4 (Default branch)

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Range Software 1.4 (Default branch)

Image Range Software is software for finite element analysis in engineering simulations. Its main features are support for heat transfer and radiation, linear stress-strain, ground water flow, 3D mesh generation, an intuitive GUI, and import and export functionality. The Range Software package contains several tools which helps the user to setup, solve, and analyze the engineering problem. License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial Changes:
A new look is used for the application on Windows. Help messages were added in the element dialogs. Line elements can be created from surface edges. Line groups can be marked and automarked. In the boundary condition dialog, only applicable boundary conditions are shown. Some GUI actions are disabled if results are loaded. Lots of small fixes were done. The supported operating systems are MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, Linux Fedora 8, Linux OpenSUSE 10.3, and Linux Ubuntu 7.10.Image

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GBP-CLONE(1)						      git-buildpackage Manual						      GBP-CLONE(1)

gbp-clone - Clone a repository from remote SYNOPSIS
gbp-clone [ --verbose ] [ --all ] [ --[no-]pristine-tar ] [ --debian-branch=branch_name ] [ --upstream-branch=branch_name ] [ --depth=depth ] remote_uri DESCRIPTION
gbp-clone clones a remote repository and sets up tracking branches for the debian, upstream and pristine-tar branches. This way you can easily update later using gbp-pull. OPTIONS
--all Track all branches, not only debian and upstream. --debian-branch=branch_name The branch in the Git repository the Debian package is being developed on, default is master. --upstream-branch=branch_name The branch in the Git repository the upstream sources are put onto. Default is upstream. --depth=depth Git history depth, for creating shallow git clones. --verbose -v verbose execution --pristine-tar Track pristine tar branch. CONFIGURATION FILES
Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the above commandline arguments. See the [XRef to GBP.MAN.GBP.CONF] manpage for details. SEE ALSO
git-buildpackage(1), gbp-pull(1), gbp.conf(5) AUTHOR
Guido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org> 01 June 2012 GBP-CLONE(1)

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