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NFSd problem

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware NFSd problem
# 1  
NFSd problem


Using debian 8.0 on a raspberryPI SERVER, accessing nfs from another raspberry gives quick reply.

But from a slackware 14.1 SERVER on a Celeron 2Ghz dual core, is painfully slow and i cannot figure out why.

Can anyone guide me?
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What does your slackware server do?
Is it the server or the client?
What does nfsstat returns ?
Look at nfsstat ( 8) man pages for options....
# 3  

Server rpc stats:
calls      badcalls   badclnt    badauth    xdrcall
5613       0          0          0          0       

Server nfs v4:
null         compound     
1         0% 5612     99% 

Server nfs v4 operations:
op0-unused   op1-unused   op2-future   access       close        commit       
0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 499       4% 17        0% 0         0% 
create       delegpurge   delegreturn  getattr      getfh        link         
0         0% 0         0% 13        0% 884       7% 22        0% 0         0% 
lock         lockt        locku        lookup       lookup_root  nverify      
0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 23        0% 0         0% 0         0% 
open         openattr     open_conf    open_dgrd    putfh        putpubfh     
19        0% 0         0% 3         0% 0         0% 5334     46% 0         0% 
putrootfh    read         readdir      readlink     remove       rename       
1         0% 4381     38% 49        0% 2         0% 0         0% 0         0% 
renew        restorefh    savefh       secinfo      setattr      setcltid     
263       2% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 4         0% 
setcltidconf verify       write        rellockowner bc_ctl       bind_conn    
4         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 
exchange_id  create_ses   destroy_ses  free_stateid getdirdeleg  getdevinfo   
0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 
getdevlist   layoutcommit layoutget    layoutreturn secinfononam sequence     
0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 
set_ssv      test_stateid want_deleg   destroy_clid reclaim_comp 
0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 0         0% 

Client rpc stats:
calls      retrans    authrefrsh
0          0          0

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