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Dealing with lilo and uefi

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Dealing with lilo and uefi
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[solved] Dealing with lilo and uefi

Recently I have been trying to boot into slackware on a new laptop that came preinstalled with windows 8. I have successfully installed slackware and Lilo, but I have had great difficult attempting to boot into it. Since the laptop contains no optical drive, I have been attempting to boot into various systems I have on other usb drives. The only fully successful boot came from tinycore, and that is a pain to install grub (or any bootloader ) from. My current situation is trying to get it to boot using EasyBCD, and I can get to the (windows) boot menu and select the created slackware option, but after that it shows a windows mbr error. Where would you recommend I go from here? Any help is appreciated, and tell me if this thread would be better suited in another location please.
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Are you trying to preserve the Windows boot?
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Yes, I was trying to preserve windows. I found the problem, turns out I was putting Lilo on the wrong disk and not fully enabling legacy bios support.

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