Dovecot on Slackware14: gssapi auth

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Dovecot on Slackware14: gssapi auth

I have a postfix/dovecot mail server.
On centos6 works great,sso with gssapi on linux and windows clients.
On Slackware i have problems,Linux clients(thunderbird and mutt) connect ok,but not windows clients.
on logfile only this
Apr 19 19:01:41 cluster1 dovecot: auth: Debug: auth client connected (pid=12405)
Apr 19 19:01:41 cluster1 dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>, rip=, lip=, TLS, session=<CltPrLnaMwDAqAAt>

Auth with normal password work ok,only gssapi doesn't work

Someone can help please?
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DOVEADM(1)							      Dovecot								DOVEADM(1)

doveadm - Dovecot's administration utility SYNOPSIS
doveadm [-Dv] [-f formatter] command [command_options] [command_arguments] DESCRIPTION
doveadm is the Dovecot administration tool. It can be used to manage various parts of Dovecot, as well as access users' mailboxes. Execute doveadm help, for a command usage listing. OPTIONS
Global doveadm(1) options: -D Enables verbosity and debug messages. -f formatter Specifies the formatter for formatting the output. Supported formatters are: flow prints each line with key=value pairs. pager prints each key: value pair on its own line and separates records with form feed character (^L). tab prints a table header followed by tab separated value lines. table prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines. -v Enables verbosity, including progress counter. COMMANDS
These commands work directly with Dovecot's master process. reload doveadm reload Force dovecot(1) to reload the configuration. stop doveadm stop Stop dovecot(1) and all its child processes. ADDITIONAL MASTER COMMANDS doveadm director doveadm-director(1), Manage Dovecot directors (if used by proxy servers). doveadm instance doveadm-instance(1), Manage the list of running Dovecot instances. doveadm kick doveadm-kick(1), Disconnect users by user name and/or IP address. doveadm log doveadm-log(1), Locate, test or reopen Dovecot's log files. doveadm mount doveadm-mount(1), Manage the list of mountpoints where mails are stored. doveadm penalty doveadm-penalty(1), Show current penalties. doveadm who doveadm-who(1); Show who is logged in to the Dovecot server. AUTHENTICATION COMMANDS doveadm auth doveadm-auth(1), Test authentication for a user. doveadm pw doveadm-pw(1), Dovecot's password hash generator. doveadm user doveadm-user(1), Perform a user lookup in Dovecot's userdbs MAILBOX COMMANDS doveadm altmove doveadm-altmove(1), Move matching mails to the alternative storage. doveadm dump doveadm-dump(1), Dump the content of Dovecot's binary mailbox index/log. doveadm expunge doveadm-expunge(1), Expunge messages matching given search query. doveadm fetch doveadm-fetch(1), Fetch messages matching given search query. doveadm force-resync doveadm-force-resync(1), Repair broken mailboxes, in case Dovecot doesn't automatically do that. doveadm import doveadm-import(1), Import messages matching given search query. doveadm index doveadm-index(1), Index messages in a given mailbox. doveadm mailbox doveadm-mailbox(1), Various commands related to handling mailboxes. doveadm move doveadm-move(1) Move messages matching the given search query into another mailbox. doveadm purge doveadm-purge(1) Remove messages with refcount=0 from mdbox files. doveadm quota doveadm-quota(1), Initialize/recalculate or show current quota usage. doveadm search doveadm-search(1), Show a list of mailbox GUIDs and message UIDs matching given search query. EXIT STATUS
doveadm will exit with one of the following values: 0 Selected command was executed successful. >0 Command failed in some way. ENVIRONMENT
USER This environment variable is used to determine the user if a command accepts a user but none was specified. FILES
/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf Dovecot's main configuration file. /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf Mailbox locations and namespaces. /etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-plugin.conf Plugin specific settings. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List <>. Information about reporting bugs is avail- able at: SEE ALSO
doveadm-help(1), doveconf(1), dovecot(1), dsync(1), doveadm-search-query(7) Dovecot v2.1 2011-05-11 DOVEADM(1)

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