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Grace and plotting

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# 1  
Grace and plotting

I am making mathematical graphics in grace, all is working, but my curves are not totally smooth,..i have equal problem in gnuplot,...

can i do anything??Smilie
# 3  
i only did plotting sin(x), more simple possible,..
curve is right,...
all is right,.
but mu curve is a bit fracted,...
no so beautiful how figures that i see in google images,...
# 4  
It's quite possible to make smooth lines in gnuplot. How to do so depends quite a lot on the context.

Therefore, please show what you typed into gnuplot so we can improve it.
# 5  
hey corona,...getting your experience,...
i am installing spyder in here in my slack,..
do i need connection in web for installing spyder???

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ok,.man,..i think problem about plotting is solved
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