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/boot: how do I change the current kernel?

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/boot: how do I change the current kernel?

Slackware 14.0

I once changed the smp kernel running in my system by another one in /boot. What I did was to relink /boot/, /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/config. But I don't remember if I did something else. Would that alone be OK.
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Yes, I think that should do it.

Another way to do so, the way I prefer to do it, is to alter the settings for your bootloader so it loads the new kernel instead of the old. That way I don't need to rename files inside /boot all the time. Makes me nervous, doing that.

Be careful to have a livecd or some such handy to fix it, if the new kernel doesn't work.
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I did switch to a generic kernel, and the OS is booted fine (I had to add an initrd, besides). But lilo's menu screen shows garbage. Everything in the screen looks well save for a letter U printed within the red box. At this time, lilo is waiting keyboard input, I mean lilo has the control (of course lilo calls some BIOS routines). So, what has the kernel to do with all this? How can the fact of having changed the kernel produce this effect? Something is wrong in the code in the MBR and the other sectors that contain lilo's bootloader. Is there a way to check this code? Or check the BIOS?

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I think the letter U has been printed by lilo as an indicator, but I do not know what it means. The red box menu has two entries, 'slack14' and 'xp'. The 'U' is beside 'slack14'. Does anybody know it's meaning?
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Originally Posted by stf92
I did switch to a generic kernel, and the OS is booted fine (I had to add an initrd, besides). But lilo's menu screen shows garbage.
You're still using lilo ? I wasn't sure that still even existed.

You have to run the lilo command after you change files or anything like that, since lilo is too primitive to load a config file on boot. It reads the config file when you run lilo and saves offsets somewhere else, so it can just read from raw disk sectors on boot.
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Corona, of course I have run the lilo command after updating the configuration file. But please do read the updated part of post #3.

About lilo, I do not know things like Grub, more sophisticated and friendly, but I stick to lilo for its simplicity.
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