X terminal: Redirecting remote sound to my local audio device

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X terminal: Redirecting remote sound to my local audio device

Hello everybody,
I'm testing some aspects of X Terminal implementation and it's going great. I can use remote applications on my local slow workstation at remote's processor speed by redirecting the remote DISPLAY variable to "my_local_ip:0.0"; but i'm having troubles to get remote audio and video... I mean, Is there a way to send remote audio and video output to my local audio and video output? I don't know, by exporting some other variable, etc.

Let me explain,
I need to run, let's say, a music player, and the audio to be played in my local machine, and not in the remote one.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks everybody!
And please excuse my english, it's not my mother language.
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Check out pulseaudio.
PulseAudio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more information.

Setup a local pulseaudio server, and remote machine will be the client.
Of course, application will need to be able to use pulseaudio.

For instance, with mplayer there is a -ao pulseoption.
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Excellent! I'll give it a try and post here my results.
Thank you very much, Peasant. (y)
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