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Slackware 13.

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Question Slackware 13.

Hello everyone. I am a newbie in operating systems. so far I've been playing with Ubuntu and I like it a lot. I heard about Slackware and I wanna try it. Last night I download the iso but It didn't fit in my usb or Dvd. it is a 4.2 GB. Is there one less than 4.2GB that will fit in my usb or DVD? (another question) Slackware is Unix or Linux?
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Slackware is Linux. What "is" UNIX is tricky. Have a peek at
What is UNIX ?

if you are interested.

Most Linux and *BSD distributions provide some form of 'net boot' ISO which allows you to down load a minimally sized ISO which contains enough information to boot the machine and then uses a network connection to pull the rest of the material needed for the install over the net. I did a bit of poking, and it doesn't appear that Slackware has such a thing as a net-install ISO.

Maybe someone knows differently, but it wasn't obvious to me.

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