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Printer won't print but 1 page

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Printer won't print but 1 page
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Old 02-19-2012
Printer won't print but 1 page

OS: Slackwar 13.37
Printer: hpDeskjet 1000 j110
Printer Drivers/Software: HPLIP 3.11.3a (min was 3.10.9) and Cups
The printer will print the first of n-pages but from page 2 on it prints the page (or part of it) backs up and starts again down about 0.8 lines and does this repeatedly till the file is printed and I run out of ink or the page becomes soaked.
I have the HP command list and it does not suggest anything that looks viable for changing this action. I used to use the CUPS to modify printing with epson printer (there were special commands to set which ink and density, etc.) but can't find the appropriate CUPS commands to change things now. I used lpoptions to set it to grey scale and fast draft but when I run lpoptions -l it is still at the default. The HP toolkit also was set this way but it does not seem to have an effect either.
I have hammered on this for about a month and at the end of my chain. Hopefully someone can help.
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Old 02-19-2012
Copy the pcl5lp script, your printer speaks PCL5. The script has literally dozens of options, it work from the command line. You can use it as is, or read through and grab the pcl commands you want.
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Old 04-09-2012
End solution: HP agreed to replace the printer

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