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Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37
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Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37

Slackware 13.37 stores Firefox 4 in different directories than is suggested for Mozilla says to use for Firefox 8.0 (/opt/firefox). Which should I use? If I use /opt/... how do I remove the old 4.0? Will this screw up the icons and will I need to reset them? How?
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Re: Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37

You can upgrade from FF4 to FF8 or remove FF4 then install FF8. To upgrade use upgradepkg oldpackagename%newpackagename. You need to do that as root. You will need to get the oldpackagename from /var/log/packages.

I usually use upgradepkg but in jumping from 4 to 8 it may be wiser to remove the FF4 and install FF8. This is what I usually do with packages such as Firefox and Thunderbird. It is just my preference.

As for the different directories, leave that to pkgtool (upgradepkg, installpkg) to sort out. I do. And it all works. I did use FF8 but it hung on me so I went back to FF6. I think it is FF6 I am using. Latest isn't always the best.

Sorry if some of the info here is a bit like a noddy guide, just trying to help.

I hope this helps.


Slackware 13.37-x86_64
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Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37

I know this is a bit tardy response but other matters got in the way.
I have since scanned the web and think I have a process to upgrade from FF4 to (now) FF10. I used to just download from the mozilla site and install but now FF has many files and I am unsure that the process I conjured with your help is applicable to FF10.
I have outlined the process below and would appreciate if you would validate it for FF10:

1) Download new firefox from:
Index of /pub/slackware/slackware-13.37/patches/packages
the following:
mozilla-firefox-10.0.2-i486-1_slack13.37.txt *Package text
mozilla-firefox-10.0.2-i486-1_slack13.37.txz New firefox per se
mozilla-firefox-10.0.2-i486-1_slack13.37.txz.asc *Security key
* Need?
2) Run (as root): remove pkg <firefox-4.0>

3) Run (as root): installpkg mozilla-firefox-10.0.2-i486-1_slack13.37.txz

Where should I (root) be when I run the removepkg?

Do the .asc and .txt file need downloading for the installpkg to work properly and leave the text in /var/log/packages?

Where should I put the downloaded files prior to running installpkg?

Where should root be when it runs the installpkg?

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Bug Re: Firefox 8 install on slack 13.37

When running removepkg it does not matter where you are in the filesystem. However you need to either be in the same directory as the new packages or specify the path. I make sure I am in the same directory, it makes life easier. I always save the other files as well. They are used to ensure their source. I am sure others will correct me if I am wrong.

I have a download directory where I save my downloads (source code, mostly from SlackBuilds dot org - not allowed to out urls in yet, not enough posts) plus one for the version of Slackware I am using which also has a sub-directory called patches where I download all the patches to. I use wget to download all the files from one of the Slackware mirrors (I use as it seems to be the quickest for me). I hope this helps.

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FWIW instead of using separate remove and install programs I used old pkgtool to do both. WORKS SUPER!!

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