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pppoe-start not working

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pppoe-start not working

Hello. I'm new here and i'm new to slack (concept) as well. I made a connection for pppoe with pppoe-setup, bringed up eth0 with ifconfig but when i try pppoe-connect i get "Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP" and with pppoe-start i get "child pppd process terminated". How can i make it work?
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PPPOE-CONNECT(8)					      System Manager's Manual						  PPPOE-CONNECT(8)

pppoe-connect - Shell script to manage a PPPoE link
pppoe-connect [config_file] pppoe-connect interface user [config_file]
pppoe-connect is a shell script which manages a PPPoE connection using the Roaring Penguin user-space PPPoE client. If you omit con- fig_file, the default file /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf is used. If you supply interface and user, then they override the Ethernet interface and user-name settings in the configuration file. Note that normally, you should not invoke pppoe-connect directly. Instead, use pppoe-start to bring up the PPPoE connection. pppoe-connect first reads a configuration file. It then brings up a PPPoE connection. If the connection ever drops, a message is logged to syslog, and pppoe-connect re-establishes the connection. In addition, each time the connection is dropped or cannot be established, pppoe-connect executes the script /etc/ppp/pppoe-lost if it exists and is executable. The shell script pppoe-stop causes pppoe-connect to break out of its loop, bring the connection down, and exit.
pppoe-connect uses the following shell variables from the configuration file: ETH The Ethernet interface connected to the DSL modem (for example, eth0). USER The PPPoE user-id (for example, PIDFILE A file in which to write the process-ID of the pppoe-connect process (for example, /var/run/ Two additional files ($PID- FILE.pppd and $PIDFILE.pppoe) hold the process-ID's of the pppd and pppoe processes, respectively. By using different configuration files with different PIDFILE settings, you can manage multiple PPPoE connections. Just specify the con- figuration file as an argument to pppoe-start and pppoe-stop.
pppoe-connect was written by David F. Skoll <>. The pppoe home page is
pppoe(8), pppoe-start(8), pppoe-stop(8), pppd(8), pppoe.conf(5), pppoe-setup(8), pppoe-status(8), pppoe-sniff(8), pppoe-server(8), pppoe- relay(8) 4th Berkeley Distribution 21 February 2000 PPPOE-CONNECT(8)

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