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Windows Emulator?

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Windows Emulator?
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Old 07-26-2004
Windows Emulator?

I have heard of something called a windows emulator that allows you to run windows programs in linux, does this realy work?
can I run any windows program (like a computer game)? and where can I get it Smilie
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Old 07-26-2004
search for 'wine'
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Old 07-26-2004
For games you are better off with Cedega (WineX). There is a small cost associated with this and it isnt really free in either sense of the word.
They do make a free version that is available via their CVS but it isn't fully featured.

For General apps, WINE is the best.
This is a very useful resource for getting popular applications working.

Also, If you have lotsa money you may also consider VMWare Workstation; they have a free 30-day trial on their website.
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Old 07-26-2004
ok, I am currently using windows, but I am very very tempted with installing linux on my main computer, I have never used another operative system beafure (accept a small linux distrobution that runs on top of windows called Topologilinux), But I feel a bit unsure about leaving windows where it is extremely simple to find a program that I want (I know there are programs for linux to download aswell).

Do you think I should install linux on my computer, and leave windows behind on this computer?? If wine works I could atleast use some windows programs, and there is allways gnutella and everything

and oh, does wine require that windows is installed, or will it work anyway?

Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie

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Old 07-26-2004
and oh, is it simle to connect to the internet from Linux using LAN?
I have a windows network with my dad and I'd like to be able to ceep it, Lindows/Linspire(Linux) me that in their operative system its practicaly just to plug it in and go, is this true?
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Old 07-26-2004
As long as you set your Default Gateway to be the IP of the Windows ICS host, and use DHCP on your *nix box - Windows will be happy and ICS will work.

EDIT: BTW I am a *very* happy VMWare Workstation customer and I would recommend it to anybody with enough 's to throw at it. I use it to run Solaris, a myriad of BSD's and Linux's on my sole remaining Windoze box.

EDIT-2: I would avoid Linspire/Lindows - I've never used it but I gather that you operate as an administrative user (i.e. root) all the time? Bad news..... If I were you, I'd go with (for a newbie) Mandrake, or if you want the full works, SuSE Linux.

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Old 07-27-2004
it doesnt realy mather if you allways work as a root user, I am the only one that ever uses this computer so it doesnt realy mather, unless it can pose a threat through hackers/crackers

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