Which USB pendrive image to install Slackware on an old AMD K6 3D ?

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Operating Systems Linux Slackware Which USB pendrive image to install Slackware on an old AMD K6 3D ?
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Old 08-28-2010
Which USB pendrive image to install Slackware on an old AMD K6 3D ?


I have been trying to install a recent distro, with a minimum X such as jwm, but unfortunately my cdrom is broken and I can only boot the USB port, with a pendrive.

AMD K6 3D is today too old for being for linux.

Is there an image of slackware than runs that processor and that can install Linux?

best wishes
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Old 08-30-2010
USB boot is frequently broken even on modern machines, it seems unlikely that your AMD K6 will have it at all. Slackware doesn't appear to have USB booting drives for sale, either. You might be able to use an external USB cdrom, but that hope seems thin.

Your best bet would be to replace the CDROM drive. Unless this machine is a laptop that shouldn't be too difficult.

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Old 09-15-2010
BootManager plop you can use to boot with add-fn option to be able to boot with usb or cdrom (a marvel)) and Linux that goes with any machine::: Damn Small Linux (DSL)
luck. Tell me how it works

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Old 09-15-2010
Originally Posted by nicolasjose
BootManager plop you can use to boot with add-fn option to be able to boot with usb or cdrom (a marvel)) and Linux that goes with any machine::: Damn Small Linux (DSL)
luck. Tell me how it works
I don't think that will work for machines that didn't have USB boot in the first place. It can be used to work around buggy USB boot support, but if the machine doesn't support USB boot at all then the bootloader can't get at it. His CDROM is broken anyway, so how will he use it?

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Old 09-15-2010
I've been using this bootmanager to boot from usb or cdrom even on very old machines like 486 or pentium I mmx. I think that it's valid to test, with many posibilities of sucess
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Old 09-16-2010
I repeat: You've missed the point. He can't boot from anything. How's he going to use this miracle program?
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