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error running sqlplus from shell file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting error running sqlplus from shell file
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Old 02-06-2009
error running sqlplus from shell file

I am running a shell file following script on bash shell in solaris 10

echo abc@orcl
echo abc
echo "set feedback off"
echo "truncate table SIndexDataTypeHst1_changes;"
) | sqlplus -s

but getting the following error

ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied

ORA-12162: TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified

SP2-0306: Invalid option.
Usage: CONN[ECT] [logon] [AS {SYSDBA|SYSOPER}]
where <logon> ::= <username>[/<password>][@<connect_identifier>] | /
SP2-0157: unable to CONNECT to ORACLE after 3 attempts, exiting SQL*Plus

user/password and service all are correct.

Can any body tell me where i am going wrong?
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Old 02-06-2009
I always call sqlplus command in the following way and it has always worked.
sqlplus -s "$login" << EOF
set head off
set verify off
select sysdate from dual;

Also, by seeing your error it is obvious that you are trying to connect as sys user without having the correct privileges to do so.

As far as possible, avoid connecting as sys user in scripts. Try using system user instead.

HTH, Smilie


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Old 02-06-2009
Thanks for the reply.

but i want to find the problem in the script mentioned in my question.

Moreover, i am not trying to connect as sysdba.
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Old 02-06-2009

The problem in your script is twofold.

1. Through a script, sqlplus CANNOT accept the password, if supplied independently of the username. It has to supplied with the username using the forward slash ("/").

eg: The below code does NOT work:

$ (
> echo abc@orcl
> echo abc
> echo "set head off"
> echo "select sysdate from dual;"
> ) | sqlplus -s

while the below code WORKS:

$ (
> echo abc/abc@orcl
> echo "set head off"
> echo "select sysdate from dual;"
> ) | sqlplus -s

2. Since sqlplus is unable to parse the input (because of point 1 above), it is throwing both TNS error as well as the login error.

The below code should work and is as per your requirements (although I prefer the method that I mentioned in my earlier reply Smilie):

$ (
> echo "abc/abc@sid"
> echo "set feed off"
> echo "set verify off"
> echo "set head off"
> echo "select sysdate from dual;"
> ) | sqlplus -s


HTH, Smilie



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