Replacing string in all instances (both filenames and file contents) in a directory

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Old 02-05-2009
Question Replacing string in all instances (both filenames and file contents) in a directory

I have a set of files stored in a single directory that I use to set parameters for a physics code, and I would like to streamline the process of updating them all when I change a parameter. For instance, if the files are called A2000p300ini, A2000p300sub, A2000p300run, and the text in each file includes several instances of the parameter '2000', I would like to be able to use a single script to create a new set of files A1500p300ini, A1500p300sub, A1500p300run in which every instance of '2000' has been replaced by '1500'.

I can see that I could use sed to change the contents and names of the files one at a time,
sed -e 's/2000/1500/g' A2000p300run > A1500p300run
but I was hoping to get it all done in one foul swoop to everything in the directory, and my scripting skills are on the basic side. Suggestions welcomed.
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Old 02-05-2009
Hmmm, answered my own question eventually, this line does it (for replacing 2000 with 1500):

find . -name "*2000*" -print|awk '{f=$0;gsub("2000","1500");print "sed -e 's/2000/1500/g' "f" > "$0}'|sh

Remaining question is can I do something like:
find . -name "*$old*" -print|awk '{f=$0;gsub($old,$new);print "sed -e 's/$old/$new/g' "f" > "$0}'|sh

I seem to have a problem with the gsub part of the awk command when I do this.
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Old 02-05-2009
To use the variables with awk:


awk -v n=$new o=$old '{awk '{f=$0;gsub(o,n);......}'

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Old 02-05-2009
In case anyone was wondering, the final all singing all dancing command (having set the old string to $old and the new string to $new) is:

find . -name "*$old*" -print|awk -v n=$new -v o=$old '{f=$0;gsub(o,n);print "sed -e 's/$old/$new/g' "f" > "$0}'|sh
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