comparing of two files

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comparing of two files

i have two file e.g cmp1 and cmp2
cmp1 has abcdef and cmp2 has abcdefghijkl

cmp1 has:
cm2 has:
i want a script which will check if cmp1 content is same as in cmp2
then it should send a mail without caring about extra thingspresent in cmp2

My Question was slightly different..

Actually i want while comparing between cmp1 and cmp2 if script will find the content of cmp1 is available in cmp2 ...then it will return pass...........

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# 2  
diff file1 file2 > /dev/null

if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]
echo "Differences Found"|mailx -s "Diff found" to-email
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This may do it.

if (( $(comm -23 cmp1 cmp2 | wc -l) > 0 ))
  #cmp1 has something not in cmp2, so act on that
  #cmp1 does not have anything not already in cmp2
  #so act on that

you can put a tee in the pipeline between the comm and
wc command if you want to save the differences to a file
name of your choice for use in processing in the body of
the 'if' statement.
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