Need help with IP and MAC addresses

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Need help with IP and MAC addresses

i am working on a project where i have to write a script to find out MAC addresses of the systems with given IP address.
Can anybody tell me which command i can use to find MAC address if you know IP address of the machine.

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User with root privileges:

ifconfig -a

Should give you ip address and mac address for all interfaces in your system.
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Yes, i tried this one. but it gives me information (including MAC address) of ethernet interfaces only. but there are number of systems connected to it having ip address for e.g. - , 20 systems altogether. and i need to find MAC address for them individually...any help would be appreciated..
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Probably worth having a look here
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Try 'arp -a'.
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i checked arp -a it worked but fetching only systems present in my subnet. how to fetch info about everything?? is there a different command for it??
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