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Old 01-14-2009
Originally Posted by otheus

Most of perl these days is modularized, with variables accessed through AUTOLOAD functions or entries in hash tables, for which "use strict" is useless.

In my opinion, if you have to use "strict", you're probably using the wrong programming language.
Interesting opinion, you may be right, for I don't claim to be a Perl expert.
It only happens that I quite regularly attend Perl conferences and workshops where the acclaimed Perl elite meets and gives talks and presentations.
Almost all the sample code presented at these events sticks to use strict and there seems to be common (tacit?) agreement that it is considered good style.
I'm not sure if you would suggest that e.g. Damian Conway is using the wrong language?
At least in his Perl Best Practices in chapter 18 in the pragraph on Stricture it reads, Always use strict, followed by some explanation why you should do so, but also that you cannot always rely on that it will capture every mistake.
Finally, if I use a well tested and proven useful module (e.g. one of the better ones from CPAN) I think I would rely most of the times on that the module author(s) have done a decent job in at least eliminating those bugs that stricture would capture.
It is more for the wrapping code that I add where I would like to make use of this extra parachute because I know too well how easily even typos happen whose unnecessary debugging would waste far too much time.
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Old 02-05-2009
I used 'strict' today on a script I've been working on for weeks. Had I used it earlier, I would have caught an unused-variable bug, but mostly it reported annoying stuff about unspecified-package variables.
Just thought I'd share.

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