awk help to make my work faster

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Originally Posted by kumar_amit
but can't something be done inside awk . so that it reads the bigger file once and give the desired output..
here it is reading the file again and again after getting the line number...
awk -F'"' 'NR==FNR { a[$2]; next } FNR in a { print > "desired_file" }' file1.txt file2.txt

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hi rubin thanks for reply

this code just totally beyond my reach... can u please elaborateSmilieSmilie
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could not get the code

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Originally Posted by kumar_amit
this code just totally beyond my reach... can u please elaborateSmilieSmilie

Here goes one thread that is similar to your situation, with explanations.

There are many more examples like this one. Use the search feature.
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finally i got the code i was looking for

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1];next} FNR in a{print $0>>"desired_file"}' file1 file2

file1 consist of all the line number ONLY and
file2 consist of file from which the has to be made.

it hardly takes in seconds to do it..

special thanks to rubin for this


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