strcat equivalent in shell scripting

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Old 12-22-2008
strcat equivalent in shell scripting

Hi all,
How does string concatenation work in shell scripting?

I basically have a variable called "string" and I want to add the strings "aaa" "bbb" "ccc" "ddd" to the variable "string". These strings would be added based on some conditions and separated by spaces . So "string" might look like
string = aaa bbb ccc

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Old 12-22-2008
Simply append

You can use like -

String="$a $b $c"

where a="aaa"
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Old 12-22-2008
echo $STRING3
> my string
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Old 12-22-2008
Thanks guys, but lets assume that I have a really long list, in which case I cannot be assigning variables for all these data values.
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Old 12-22-2008
Originally Posted by felixmat1
Thanks guys, but lets assume that I have a really long list, in which case I cannot be assigning variables for all these data values.
An example would help - a sample input and a desired output as always!

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Old 12-22-2008
Vgersh is very good at this type of problem and I don't want to but in, but most cases, in most shells, using an array to store the data and exploding the array is a simple way to form a concatenated string of disparate variables.

Short example with bash and gawk.
function retrandstr() {
gawk '
  function retrandchars(str, sz,rval,i) {
  sz = int(1 + rand() * length(str))
  i =0
        #print sz, i; 
         while (i < sz) {
                rval = rval substr(str,int((1 + rand() * length(str))),1); 
  return rval
    print retrandchars("abndhcv784893ndyvurfgh3ery348infy7478")
  sleep 1

while test "$i" -gt 0;  do arr[$i]=`retrandstr`; i=`expr $i - 1`;  done

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Old 12-22-2008
Vgersh, I have posted a sample in comment #1.
The only thing is that data values will be added to the "string" variable based on a condition. So for example string = aaa ccc ddd.

For example in the first loop "string" would contain no data then based on a condition "aaa" will be added to it. In the next loop if the condition satisfies "ccc" will be added, but "string" should contain "aaa" as well, so the end value would be "aaa ccc". Hope this helps.
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