awk/sed search lines in file1 matching columns in file2

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Data awk/sed search lines in file1 matching columns in file2

Hi All,

as you can see I'm pretty new to this board. Smilie
I'm struggling around with small script to search a few fields in another file.

Basically I have file1 looking like this:
15:38:28 sz:10001 pr:14.16
15:38:28 sz:10002 pr:18.41
15:38:29 sz:10003 pr:19.28
15:38:30 sz:10004 pr:82.46

These lines are already unique and a result from a different script.
What I want to do is:
I want to search file2 for each column of file1 and print the lines from file 2 where all 3 columns of file1 are matching.
I know it sounds easy, but for some reason I'm not sure how I should address the search to use columns. file2 has a completely different structure then file1, but also contains these values.

Here is an example line from file2:
15:38:29.503~19::1858398671105952::General::Client_ReceivedObject:Depth file : textexttext na:Text side:Textindex:0 action:Delete endtr:0 ts: exid: nrord:1 sz:10003 pr:19.28

I hope somebody can point me to the right direction.
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awk '{ print $1 > "f1"
          print $2 > "f2"
         print $3 > "f3" } ' file1
grep -f f1 file1 | grep -f f2 | grep -f f2 > searchresult.txt

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