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Searching for exact match in a string ??

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Searching for exact match in a string ??
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Old 12-16-2008
Searching for exact match in a string ??


I have a string of the form XY_X1998.10.500.
I want to check in a script that the middle part is always 10. How to achieve this?

e.g the input can be XY_X1998.20.500 OR XY_X1998.50.500
OR XY_X1998.10.500.

I have to print Yes everytime the middle value is 10 and NO when the middle value is other than 10.

Please help.
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Old 12-16-2008
$ string="XY_X1998.10.500"
$ case $string in *.10.*) echo yes;; *) echo no;; esac

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Old 12-16-2008
read val
echo $val | awk -F"." '{
print "YES"
print "NO"

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