1 script 8 boxes and it is erroring on 3 of them

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1 script 8 boxes and it is erroring on 3 of them

am trying to place a script from one hp11-unix box (where it works) onto three others where it won't.
I am using csh and in the script I use the lines

set F_SYSTEMS=(/dbs01 /dbs02 /dbm01 /dbm02 /ora_home/app/oracle)

on this one the three others throw up on pulling the files. there should be 3 files pulled for ora_home. The 2 that are missing are
/ora_home/app/oracle/product/10.2 and

It also won't pull them if I give the complete file name.

The other point it is erroring on is


grep -v Filesystem ${WRKFILE} | grep % | tr -s "" " " | sed -e 's/^

On two of the scripts it doesn't recognize bdf, yet if I change it to df it errors df: open of /db01 failed

I am getting really frustrated and cannot seem to figure these out.
The script is the same on all 4 boxes , but obviously the boxes are exactly the same.
# 2  
what are the permissions on /db01 and the underlying mount point?

and is it different then the other servers?
# 3  
thanks for your help!!!

you started me thinking in another direction and I got them to work.
one of the things I needed to do was include the entire path for those directories. What I had tried before turned out to be only a partial path, and the system didn't recognize it. I know, duh......
Anyway, I got them to work, so thanks again
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