Spliting the file dynamically

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Spliting the file dynamically

i am creating the file , when this file reaches the size 2 GB, i need one message or fire
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Please re-phrase in English: You need "one message or fire"?

One way to accomplish this is to pipe your output to a program which counts the bytes it has seen, and otherwise passes them through to their final destination. When the count is 2GB, it closes the file and opens a new one, resets the counter, and continues.
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You mentioned Passes them through to their final destionation, when the count is 2GB. It closes the file and opens a new one

Can you explain the this point with an example?
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$output=shift @ARGV;
open(OUTPUT,">" . $output);

while (<STDIN>) { 
  if ($count + length($_))>(2*1024*1024*1024)) {
      open(OUTPUT,">" . $output);
  $count += length($_);
  print OUTPUT $_;

Does the basics with no error checking
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