Perl Query Regarding format

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Perl Query Regarding format

Hello people.
I have got the following script
open (CHS_OUT, "echo 'DISPLAY QSTATUS(SYSTEM.CLUSTER.MY.QUEUE) all'|runmqsc $qm|");
while (<CHS_OUT>)
if ( /QUEUE\(/ )
$QueueName = ValueParser("QUEUE", 6);
if ( /IPPROCS\(/ )
$InpProcs = ValueParser("IPPROCS", 8);
#print ("\nInp Procs : $InpProcs");
if ( /OPPROCS\(/ )
$OutProcs = ValueParser("OPPROCS", 8);
#print ("\nOut Procs : $OutProcs");
if ( /CURDEPTH\(/ )
$CurDepth = ValueParser("CURDEPTH", 9);
format STDOUT =
@<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< @>>>> @>>>> @>>>>>>
$QueueName, $InpProcs, $OutProcs, $CurDepth
The problem is that I am getting a warning while running the script:
Use of uninitialized value at line 113, <CHS_OUT> chunk 73.
Thius error comes a number of times ... but I have printed the values of every variable and found them to be initialized.
Althoug the script is running fine in one server I am not getting the value of OutProcs in another server. Any idea folks? Smilie
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I noticed on this line that the variable QM:
open (CHS_OUT, "echo 'DISPLAY QSTATUS(SYSTEM.CLUSTER.MY.QUEUE) all'|runmqsc $qm|");

Is lower case, but this line

is is upper case. That could be a problem.
# 3  
if that is all supposed to be perl code it looks like should not work. These two lines do not look like perl:

open (CHS_OUT, "echo 'DISPLAY QSTATUS(SYSTEM.CLUSTER.MY.QUEUE) all'|runmqsc $qm|");
# 4  
Sorry bout this ... but the line should look more like:
@JYoung : $qm = $ARGV[0];
@Kevin : It is a perl script that executes a few mq commands ...
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