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awk script formatting

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Old 11-25-2008
awk script formatting

I have got the following kine in my script
awk '{printf("%s,", $0);next}{printf("%s", $0)}' ORS="," a.txt > b.out

The contents of b looks somewaht like this:
But my desired output is :
Not good with this awk thing.
Any idea folks.
Thanks in advance.
# 2  
Old 11-25-2008
Can you post your inputfile (a.txt)?

# 3  
Old 11-25-2008
Looks like this:

# 4  
Old 11-25-2008
awk '{ fmt=(!NR%2)?"%s,\n" :"%s,"; printf(fmt, $0) }' t.txt

# 5  
Old 11-25-2008
Getting a syntax error Smilie
# 6  
Old 11-25-2008
Try this:

awk 'NR%2{printf("%s,",$0);next}1' a.txt > b.out

# 7  
Old 11-25-2008
Same problem Smilie ... using a Sun OS 5.8 Solaris box ...
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