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Old 11-13-2008
MySQL geting the real path

Hi there,
Is there any way to obtain a real path from a weird path. For example :
/foo/../bar/    ->  /bar/
/foo/.          ->  /foo/

Thanks in advance

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Old 11-13-2008
$ bash -c "cd /foo/../bar/ ; pwd"

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Old 11-14-2008
Great job ! Thank you
It looks so simple ! I would never have thought about it.
What if we want to clean the path to a file ?
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Old 11-14-2008
truncate the file from the path with dirname and basename
# dirname /foo/../bar/file
# basename /foo/../bar/file

clear the path and stick it together again
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Old 11-14-2008
Great job again thx.
I'm new in this forum. Is there any way to flag my question as "solved".
This feature helps people who search something to select only "solved" threads.
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Old 11-14-2008

Here is another solution that I just found:
sudo aptitude install realpath
realpath -s /home/../var/./run//motd

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