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moving multiple folders/files in subversion using bash script

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting moving multiple folders/files in subversion using bash script
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moving multiple folders/files in subversion using bash script

Hi, I'm new here an dlearning a lot from this forum. i didnt find any solution for this in the forum.
I have already checked in folders in subversion named
HTT01,... HTT21.. and have files in each folder like below:

i need to rename them all in the subversion.
HTTxx folder and files in each folder like below:

HTTxx_1 folder and files as below
like this upto HTTxx_20.. and

i can use 'svn mv HTT01 HTTxx_00000', but it will take lot of time to rename each file and folder in subversion fro all 21 folders.. like this i have to do for many sets.. Is there any script available to do this in automated way..?

thanks in advance! Smilie
# 2  
i found half the way soluton but i need to alter it full to my requirement,,

for d in HTT??; do echo svn mv $d ${d/TT/TTxx_}; done

this will move the directories to the sam enumber but i want the number to be reduced one..

like HTT01 to HTTxx
HTT02 to HTTxx_1,etc..

HTT21 to HTTxx_20
and the internal files also..
how do i do this..?
# 3  
MySQL foudn solution!

for ((a=1,b=2; a<=3; a++, b++));
svn mv HTT0$b HTTxx_$a;

this will do what i want .. only for the first folder i need to do it manually.
for two digit need to use it a nd b from that number..and corresponding folder names. Smilie

late response for a question..make the one who ask the question to find the answer..

thanks forum! Smilie

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