Maximizing an xterm or aixterm window?

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Old 09-16-2002
Maximizing an xterm or aixterm window?

Is there a way to maximize an xterm window in a ksh script?

I've tried a number of approaches, but none seem to have the desired affect.

All I want to accomplish is to have the window maximized upon being called in the script...i.e:

xterm -T MyNewXterm -e programToOpen & | maximized --or some such function.

I'm assuming there has to be a way, because the functions are present within the xterm's outer frame, correct? Or is the frame a part of my NT OS that UNIX uses to display the xterm?

Either way, can this be done?

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Old 09-18-2002
Not that I wanted to reply to my own post, but here's what I've come up with. It does the trick, but it's still not exactly what I wanted...Oh well, can't complain if it works!

xterm -fn 8x10 -T "Window Title" -geometry 90x25+220+180 -e Program2Open &

Simple explanation...

This opens a window large enough to span the length and width of my monitor (90x25) (19"), and positions it just about in the center of the screen (+220+180). The '-fn' sets the font size, the '-e' opens a separate program/script in the newly created xterm.

Works great as a pop-up window from a main switchboard script. I added a '. resize' to the opening program script to eliminate any resizing issues.

Kind of cluttered I know, but extremely functional. If anyone knows an easier way to maximize an xterm programmatically, please let me know.


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